RainCloud #50preciouswords

It’s that time again, to challenge ourselves to write an engaging story for children in 50 words or less. RainCloud By Krista Legge WC 50 “Rain, rain, go away!” Sadness overwhelms RainCloud every time he hears this. He drifts off, roaming the ocean. RainCloud spots new land – yellow and parched. He floats over, dropletsContinue reading “RainCloud #50preciouswords”


#FallWritingFrenzy It’s that time again, for one of my favorite contests. Choose a picture and get creative! I love reading the different stories that come from one picture, and all in less than 200 words! The inspiration and talent is amazing. Thank you to @KaitlynLeann17and @LydiaLukidis for hosting this. I stared at each picture forContinue reading “CEMETERY SLEEPOVER”

The Unbloomed

#SpringFlingkidlit Contest 2021 By Krista Legge (WC 146) Spring births a fresh bloom,  Flowers erupt from the earth, Lush and vibrant colors unravel. One sorrowful bud droops, unopened. The bloomed flowers sway in judgement.  “What’s wrong with him?” “He doesn’t belong here!”  “He is ruining our garden!” A little girl noticing the garden, skips overContinue reading “The Unbloomed”

Valentine Thank you

By Krista Legge (WC 202) Ms. Samson let the class know, “I’m so sorry but with everything going on this year, we can’t exchange valentines.”  Addie was devastated.  How was she going to thank her class for everything they’ve done?  An outsider from a special class, pushing into another’s, always feeling like a visitor.    ButContinue reading “Valentine Thank you”

Smile or Not

By Krista Legge (WC 102) Beep Beep Beep! Roll out of bed and look at the calendar. Stomach knotted and heart pounding                                                  Today is the day! Healthy breakfast,                  Ugh, too nervous to eat. Teeth brushed and hair styled,                      Perfect outfit set. Check my folder, Valentine ready.          PackContinue reading “Smile or Not”

12 Days 4 Writers: Day 11

Writing Prompt: Write about someone whose life changes after opening a fortune cookie and reading the fortune inside. THE POWER OF THE FORTUNE COOKIE By Krista Legge Keira found excitement in everything.  She saw a video about Sky Brown and she HAD to skateboard! After watching The Karate Kid, she HAD to take karate! SheContinue reading “12 Days 4 Writers: Day 11”

12 Days of Christmas Day 3: Successes

As part of the 12 Days of Christmas, I am challenged to reflect on my writing successes this year. I was surprised at the amount of successes that have come out of such a challenging year! -created a website and blog – wrote 15 new PB manuscripts, some polished, some still in revisions, some beginningContinue reading “12 Days of Christmas Day 3: Successes”