#FallWritingFrenzy It’s that time again, for one of my favorite contests. Choose a picture and get creative! I love reading the different stories that come from one picture, and all in less than 200 words! The inspiration and talent is amazing. Thank you to @KaitlynLeann17and @LydiaLukidis for hosting this.

I stared at each picture for a very long time, but ended up landing on this one. I hope you enjoy the story that I created.


By Krista Legge

“Why did I say yes to this?”

As the sun sets, I hug Arlo, give him a dog treat and head out.

My hand reaches toward the Cemetery gate, but …  


Wind? I hope!

“I can do this,” my voice quivers.

My legs quake as I inspect sleep options.

Under the trees – Nope 

In a dirt pile – Never

On top of a grave – No way!

I find a mossy area, roll out my sleeping bag and slide in. 

To my left, the headstone of Abigail Jane 1897- 1940.

To my right, the headstone of Jonathan Fulton 1910- 1951.

The sky is dark. No stars. The sliver of the moon awards me a whisper of light.

I squeeze my eyes shut, praying for sleep to find me soon.

         Rustle, thud, thud

One eye squints open. Darkness envelops me as the clouds cover the moon.

         Rustle, thud, thud

A bitter smell tickles my nose.  

“Heeellllooo,” squeaks out of my throat.

         Rustle, thud, thud

A blistering breath brushes the hairs on my neck.

Forcing my head to turn, the moon peeks around the cloud,

and grants me a glimmer of light just in time to see …


13 thoughts on “CEMETERY SLEEPOVER

  1. That dog wouldn’t have me to care for him if he did that to me. I’d keel over with a heart attack. Who let the dogs out? Whowho, whowho, whowho? Good work! –Melisa Wrex @mowrex (Twitter)


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