Rose’s Spring Rose

By Krista Legge (WC 146) #springfling

brady bunch love GIF by TV Land Classic


When Spring arrives there’s an extra spring in Rose’s step.

Her excitement rises as the cold leaves and the birth of leaves blossom on trees.

Walking outside she hears woodpeckers peck the bark of trees and dogs bark on their early morning walks. 

Rose runs into the park after finding a place to park her bike.

She swats a fly buzzing as she sees kites fly in the sky.  

Hearing cheers, Rose checks her watch to see if she missed being able to watch the softball game. 

As Rose sits next to the dugout, she sees pitchers of water ready for the softball pitchers coming off the field. 

The catcher drops the ball as drops of water fall from the sky. 

Rose is too cool to let the cool water end her fun.
On her ride home, Rose stops to admire a beautiful blooming Spring rose.

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