The Unbloomed

#SpringFlingkidlit Contest 2021

By Krista Legge (WC 146)

Spring births a fresh bloom, 

Flowers erupt from the earth,

Lush and vibrant colors unravel.

One sorrowful bud droops, unopened.

The bloomed flowers sway in judgement. 

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He doesn’t belong here!” 

“He is ruining our garden!”

A little girl noticing the garden, skips over in excitement.

The smile fades as her eyes reach the unbloomed.

After examining the bud, she nods her head and walks away.

The other flowers scowl at the unbloomed. 

“Great, you scared off our admirer.”

The girl returns with a box, humming a sweet melody.

She begins by sprinkling special dirt around the little unbloomed. 

Next, taking a watering can, she drizzles cool water over the bud.

Then she trims a bush so that the warm sun rays hug the sprout.

Slowly, the bud yawns open, stretching its petals out. 

The unbloom’s inner beauty finally blossoms and is … BREATHTAKING.

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