THE NIGHT COOKIE – Fall Writing Frenzy

It’s that time again for one of my favorite #writingcontests, #fallwritingfrenzy. Below is my submission:


By Krista Legge (WC 198)

The night yawned awake as the sun set. Shadows stretched down the street.

The sounds of the day quieted until only silence remained.

This was Penelope’s favorite time of day. 

Gliding into the street, she peered down the darkened road. One hand gripped a brown bag. Her other hand held out as though waiting for someone to grasp it. Penelope drifted to the end of the road, where a crumbled stone wall welcomed her. 

She traveled the broken rocks, finding the perfect nook.

In the bag were two cookies. Penelope set a napkin out and placed one cookie on it. 

The other cookie hovered in her hands.

Penelope took in the cold, damp air.  The silence let the past visit her mind. The sound of her sister’s laughter echoed in her ears as she thought of nights they snuck cookies out and scurried down the road. 

Penelope’s sickness stole future nights of mischief with her sister. Her heart may not beat anymore, but she could still feel it’s ache. Penelope stared at the cookie trying to remember the taste.

A star flickered. Penelope wished, “I hope you keep sneaking your own cookies,” as she faded into the night. 

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