Mystery Nest Decorating – Susanna Hill Holiday Contest Entry

Today’s holiday story was created and being entered into Susanna Hill’s Holiday Contest.

Task: Write a children’s holiday story about a holiday helper in under 250 words.

Mystery Nest Decorating (WC 250)

By Krista Legge

It’s that time again, nest decorating for Christmas.

All the birds ready to find embellishments for their nests.

Blue, alone, picked at her puffy, patchy feathers,

Peering at the other birds’ graceful, sleek wings.

Blue watched as the birds flew off,

her wing drooping, not able to follow.

Blue became bluer.

A little squirrel in a far-off branch watched.

Blue’s hunger forced her out of her nest. 

Blue returned to holiday yarn and string decorating her home. 

Looking out, no one was there.

“Must have been an accident, probably meant for a different nest,” she thought.

Blue stared at the glorious shades of color drifting to sleep. 

Again, Blue hopped out for nourishment.  

Upon returning, bows and candy canes hung all around.

Blue treasured the festive trimmings, but who?

As Blue hopped out the next day, visions of Christmas churned through her mind.

At home, a tree adorned with twinkling lights and a sparkling star stood center in her nest.

This time a little squirrel, with patchy yellow fur and a bright green scarf wrapped around its neck was standing there.

“You did all this? Why?” Blues asked.

“I know how it feels to be different,” Squirrel said, showing Blue his leg.

“Sometimes we need a little helper to show we are not alone,” Squirrel smiled.

“You are the best Christmas gift ever,” Blues said, tears rolled down her feathery cheeks

Blue and Squirrel sat, admiring the beautiful nest, together. 

Celebrating Christmas every year from that day on.

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