Callie Saves the Candy Canes – Susanna Hill Holiday Contest Entry

This holiday story was created and being entered into Susanna Hill’s Holiday Contest.

Task: Write a children’s holiday story about a holiday helper in under 250 words.

Callie Saves the Candy Canes (WC 246)

By Krista Legge

The man pulled candy canes out of a bag.

Callie, being one of the candy canes.

“Penny! Patrick! Come hang the candy canes on the tree,” the man hollered. 

Two children ran into the room, grabbing the candy canes, hanging them on the tree. 

Callie beamed, excited to finally decorate a Christmas tree.   

“Dad, can we eat one?”

“Sure,” the man said. 

The girl grabbed the candy cane next to Callie, opened the wrapper and took a bite.

“WHAAAATTTTT!”  Callie leaped off the tree. 

The man and two kids stood shocked. 

“You EAT candy canes?” Callie asked horrified. 

“Well, yes, candy canes are made to be eaten,” the man said. 

“No, no!  We are a decoration for Christmas!” Callie yelled.

“And candy,” the boy stated. 

Callie could not let this happen to her Candy Cane friends. 

“Bring me back to the store, I need to warn everyone,” Callie demanded. 

In disbelief that he was actually talking to a candy cane, the man agreed.

Callie found her aisle. 

“Everyone! They buy us to eat us!” Callie shouted.

All the candy canes began yelling and crying.

“Let’s get out of here! We’ll find a safe place,” Callie said, guiding them out of the store. 

The man watched all the candy canes roll out, feeling he needed to help.

“I know where you should go,” the man said.

The forest! So many trees!

The candy canes adorned the forest trees,

Beautiful decorations without people there to EAT them!

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