Valentine Thank you

By Krista Legge (WC 202)

Ms. Samson let the class know, “I’m so sorry but with everything going on this year, we can’t exchange valentines.” 

Addie was devastated. 

How was she going to thank her class for everything they’ve done? 

An outsider from a special class, pushing into another’s, always feeling like a visitor.   

But this class changed all of that.

She came up with an idea, but it was terrifying.

But she knew had to do it. 

Over the next week, Addie wrote and wrote.

On February 14th, she was ready.

Addie closed her eyes, took a deep breath, tried to steady her hands and began:

“Logan, you read with me, thank you.”

“Jasmine, you sit with me at lunch, thank you.”

“Xavier, you let me know when I need to listen, thank you.”

“Zaria, when I need help standing up, your arm is there, thank you.”

“CJ, you say hello and smile every morning, thank you.”

Addie read compliments for each and every kid in her class. 

When finished, she looked out at the class.

There was complete silence. Tears streaming from everyone.

“Addie, that was beautiful, thank you,” Ms. Samson’s voice quivered.

“Thank you, you’re my class Valentines everyday,” Addie beamed and sat down.

5 thoughts on “Valentine Thank you

  1. Addie was very brave to get up in front of the whole class and share her feelings for them out loud – so much harder than simply writing a Valentine! But it was important to her – they were important to her – and maybe that helped her be brave 😊


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