12 Days 4 Writers: Day 11

Writing Prompt: Write about someone whose life changes after opening a fortune cookie and reading the fortune inside.


By Krista Legge

Keira found excitement in everything. 

She saw a video about Sky Brown and she HAD to skateboard!

After watching The Karate Kid, she HAD to take karate!

She learned about orchestra in school, and she HAD to play the viola!

She read an amazing book, and just HAD to write her own.

Keira practiced day after day. 

Then one day, Keira stopped skateboarding.

After that, she asked to quit karate. 

Her viola began to collect dust in the corner of her room.

As she was typing on her computer, Keira let out a prolonged sigh.

“I don’t understand!” Keira grumbled to herself.  “I’m not perfect at any of these things.”

Her mom overheard her.  “Come here pumpkin.  Come sit with me.”

Keira snuggled up next to her mom.  “Why do you think you need to be perfect?”

Keira’s eyes filled with tears, “Practice makes perfect… except for me!”

“Oh, my sweet pumpkin,” her mom said wrapping her arms around her. “No one is perfect.  I’ve never liked that saying.”

“But that’s how the saying goes,” Keira said wiping the tears off her cheek.

Keira’s mom looked at her daughter, “Let’s get some food, that always makes me feel better.”

Keira rolled her eyes, but she did love the egg rolls from their restaurant, so she nodded.

As they finished their food, Keira saw the fortune cookie.

“Mom, do you want it?” Keira offered it.

“Nope, that’s your fortune cookie, enjoy.”

Keira broke open the cookie, pulled out the fortune and read it to herself. 

Her eyes lit up as she put the fortune down.

            Achieve PROGRESS not PERFECT.

Keira whispered to herself “Practice makes progress.”

Keira’s mom turned and smiled at the cook (who was also her husband.)

Keira picked up her skateboarding again.  When she fell, she didn’t stay down.  She got up, brushed herself off saying “Practice makes progress.”

After her Karate test, earning her brown belt, she bowed whispering “Practice makes progress.”

She played the viola in the orchestra concert.  While the audience applauded, Keira said to herself, “practice makes progress.” 

And as Keira finished the last line of her newest book idea, she closed her laptop.  She smiled and thought, “changing just one word can change everything!”

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