Critique Partners – a necessary

As I started this adventure into really pursuing publishing picture books, I learned that… I HAD A LOT TO LEARN. There’s so much that goes into the process – from the idea, show vs telling, word count, and so many more. One thing that I have found to really helped me grow and expand on my manuscripts is Critique partners and critique groups!!!

I can read my WIP over and over, revise, update and reread and think – YES, this is it. It is ready. Then I share with a critique partner and they come back with numerous thoughts and suggestions. And as I review the suggestions, many times I think – Why didn’t I think of that… it sounds so much better now. Whether the critique partner gives many suggestions or just one, I have found it to always help my stories. It is a must for anyone writing Picture Books to connect with critique groups or partners. Twitter, specifically #WritingCommunity is a wonderful way to find groups and partners.

I have found that almost everyone that I have connected with to offers to continue sharing works over time. Some groups are very schedule oriented and other are more flexible. You can find something that works for you in a group or partner.

I have still much to learn, but so far I have found this to have the biggest impact on my writing!!!

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