Fall Writing Frenzy (Winner)

The Unthinkable Path (WC 187)

By Krista Legge

WOW! What an intriguing path. 

So perfectly smooth, so picturesque, I forget to breathe for a moment.

What do you think the rest of the path looks like?  Let’s create it together.

Close your eyes.   

            Visualize the path.

Do you see it?  Good, let’s go!

Start down the path. 

            Are you walking? Riding a bike? Driving a car? 

Sharp turn up ahead!  What will you do?

Great job, that was close!

Here comes a big bump!  How will you stay on the path?

Whoah, that was quick thinking!

What is that up ahead? A dark tunnel in the middle of the path!  What is the plan?


Where’s that rumbling coming from?  A herd of deer! STOP!!

That was close.

Holy HOLE!  

Hmmm, how are you going to move forward?

Awesome idea!

Whoosh!  Leaves and branches swirling and whirling. TORNADO?! HOLD ON!

You made it!

Wait, what happened? 

            Oh, no!

                        The path is incomplete…

That means YOU need to create the rest of the path!

I know you can do this!

I can’t wait to see the path that you create!

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