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Rose’s Spring Rose

By Krista Legge (WC 146) #springfling When Spring arrives there’s an extra spring in Rose’s step. Her excitement rises as the cold leaves and the birth of leaves blossom on trees. Walking outside she hears woodpeckers peck the bark of trees and dogs bark on their early morning walks.  Rose runs into the park afterContinue reading “Rose’s Spring Rose”

RainCloud #50preciouswords

It’s that time again, to challenge ourselves to write an engaging story for children in 50 words or less. RainCloud By Krista Legge WC 50 “Rain, rain, go away!” Sadness overwhelms RainCloud every time he hears this. He drifts off, roaming the ocean. RainCloud spots new land – yellow and parched. He floats over, dropletsContinue reading “RainCloud #50preciouswords”


#FallWritingFrenzy It’s that time again, for one of my favorite contests. Choose a picture and get creative! I love reading the different stories that come from one picture, and all in less than 200 words! The inspiration and talent is amazing. Thank you to @KaitlynLeann17and @LydiaLukidis for hosting this. I stared at each picture forContinue reading “CEMETERY SLEEPOVER”

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